I am a cultural and business historian specializing in the Western United States, particularly the Greater Sacramento region and Northern California. My research interests include media (particularly broadcast radio), advertising, mass consumption, consumer culture, and popular culture.
I studied journalism and history at Louisiana State University-Shreveport, and continued with graduate studies in United States history at California State University-Sacramento and the University of California-Santa Barbara. My background also includes nearly twenty years' experience as co-owner of K&H Marketing, LLC, a forward-thinking, nimble advertising agency based in Sacramento. 
In addition to my own research, writing and class lectures, I am available to consult on other projects including commercial, documentary and feature film scripts, corporate and municipal historic displays, and background for public relations, advertising and marketing campaigns.
If you are interested in a project consultation, please contact me by email at annette.kassis@comcast.net.
Early stages of the development of Arden Fair shopping center, 1958. The children are members of the Kassis family, who were part of the development of Arden Fair. Photo courtesy of Stephen Kassis.